January 01, 2013

project 365 {day 1}

From where do I draw my energy? What a broad question. There are different kinds of energy that is needed through out my day. To be able to have the energy to wake up in the morning I need to make sure I get enough rest the night before. To be able to have energy for the rest of the day I need to make sure I wake up, exercise, and meditate. Doing these things sets me up for having an excellent day. I feel that it is so important to accomplish at least this much. If chores get set aside I know that I DID do at LEAST one thing, I took time to be ME. During the day I don’t get time for me. Being a mom comes with sharing every little bit of your day with your kids, husband, and don’t forget the house that needs tended to.

I have realized that if I spend at least an hour or two spending time with myself each morning I’ll have enough energy for the rest of my family. Enough energy for a three month old that loves to be held, enough energy for my six year old that requires a lot of playing and running around. I’ll have enough energy to run my errands, finish a few chores, cook a meal for my family, and enough energy to spend some quality time with my husband.  

I guess I would have to say that I draw my energy from within. If I want to have enough energy to last throughout my day I need to start from within; I start my day with my soul. It’s a pretty great feeling, this feeling of getting to know me. Since I’ve started spending time with my soul I’ve really gained an awesome new friend. This friend pushes me and supports me all day long. The awesome part is that I’m still getting to know me, and the power of MY ENERGY.

NaBloPoMo January 2013

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